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Prunus domestica 'Stanley'

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Prunus domestica Stanley - Arbre Tree
Family :
Origin :
Hardiness Zone :
Light requirement :
Full sun
Height at maturity :
5 m
Spread at maturity :
4 m
Crown shape :
Erected : Branched
Fertility :
Partially self-fertile. It is advisable to plant another plum tree nearby for cross pollination.
Spacing requirement from power lines :
Growth rate :
Soil and moisture :
Best suited to sandy, moist, but well-drained soil types; pH neutral.
Common problems (disease, fungus, insects) :
Slight sensitivity to bacterial canker.
Special comments :
Vigorous variety, with a quick fruit set and a good regular production. Only prune what is strictly necessary because plum trees become weak at the wounds.
Prunus domestica Stanley - Feuilles Leaves


Simple and dentate green leaves.

Prunus domestica Stanley - Fleurs Flowers


White bloom in spring.

Prunus domestica Stanley - Fruits


Large blue-black fruits, tender and sweet;
Amber and not very juicy flesh, of which the seed can be easily detached;
Harvest in September.

Gros fruits bleus noirs, tendres et sucrés;
Chair ambre et peu juteuse, dont le noyau se détache facilement;
Récolte en septembre.