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Malus domestica 'Gravenstein'

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Malus domestica Gravenstein - Arbre Tree
Family :
Origin :
Hardiness Zone :
Light requirement :
Full sun
Height at maturity :
4 m
Spread at maturity :
4 m
Spacing requirement from power lines :
Crown shape :
Roots :
Has two types of roots: permanent roots, thick and spreading, forming a horizontal layer less than 50 cm from the surface, from which many vertical roots start which descend to the impermeable layer or to the water table.
Soil and moisture :
Average humidity, rich and drained soil
Fertility :
Generally, apple trees are self-sterile. You need two apple trees of different varieties to ensure pollination. Apple trees are compatible within the same type. As all varieties of cultivated apple trees belong to the species Malus domestica, they can therefore pollinate each other. We advise you to have 2 apple trees in your yard, or to check if there are any nearby, if you want to be able to harvest apples.
Growth rate :
Common problems (disease, fungus, insects) :
Average disease resistance
Malus domestica Gravenstein - Feuilles Leaves


Alternate, petiolate, ovoid, dentate, felted on the underside;
Deciduous foliage;
Green in summer, then yellow-brown in autumn.

Malus domestica Gravenstein - Fleur Flower


The inflorescences are cymes-like and have 4-6 flowers, white to dark pink;
Each flower usually has 5 petals and measures ± 3-4 cm.

Malus domestica Gravenstein - Fruit


Apple yellow-greenish with red waxy stripes;
Crunchy, tangy, fragrant and juicy;
Harvest in September.