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Malus domestica 'Freedom'

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Family :
Origin :
Hardiness Zone :
Light requirement :
Full sun
Height at maturity :
6 m
Spread at maturity :
5 m
Crown shape :
Pyramidal, rotund
Roots :
Has two types of roots: permanent roots, thick and spreading, forming a horizontal layer less than 50 cm from the surface, from which many vertical roots start which descend to the impermeable layer or to the water table.
Fertility :
Self-sterile : It is necessary to plant another variety of apple tree nearby for fruit production.
Spacing requirement from power lines :
Growth rate :
Common problems (disease, fungus, insects) :
High resistance to disease.
Malus domestica Freedom - Feuille Leaves


Alternate, petiolate, ovoid, dentate, felted on the underside;
Deciduous foliage;
Green in summer, then yellow-brown in autumn.

Malus domestica Freedom - Fleur


The inflorescences are cymes-like and have 4-6 flowers, white to dark pink;
Each flower usually has 5 petals and measures ± 3-4 cm.

Malus domestica Freedom - Fruit


Medium fruits;
Crisp and juicy flesh;
Ideal fresh or in juice;
Harvest at the end of September.